The principle

Blood serves as a means of transportation for metabolic products and our nutrition. As a medium it is in contact with the entire organism through a complex vascular system. Based on your whole blood, a blood-crystal count is generated by applying a highly specific method. Blood contains various mineral nutrients, which enable us to carry out a crystallization process. The composure of minerals reflects the metabolism and therein identifies dysfunctions within our body via the blood-crystal.

The Blood-Crystal-Analysis sights malfunctions in the metabolism as well as the subsequent dysfunctions. These are commonly acquired through general malpractice such as wrong nutrition, little exercise etc. However, the compensation and regulatory mechanisms are different for each individual. Therefore these need to be decoded and will then serve as basis for an individual tailored therapy.

The Blood-Crystal-Analysis offers you:

  • Active prevention
  • Early detection of possible dysfunctions
  • Identification and treatment of causes of illnesses
  • A basis for a holistic and individual therapy
  • A possibility to measure the results of your therapy