Oncological aftercare

Counselling, Support, Therapy

In combination with conventional cancer therapies, the biological medicine provides accompanying- or aftercare measures, which can greatly improve your subjective attitude towards life. Based on the so far implemented therapies (i.e. chemo-, radiation therapy, and surgery) an accompanying aftercare therapy will be tailored for you on the basis of the Blood-Crystal-Analysis, the maintrac and of course conventional diagnostic methods.

We offer you the following complementary medicine treatments:

  1. Detoxification of the organism. Since cancer possesses its own metabolism, it is necessary to eliminate its toxicants.
  2. Administration of oxygen in the form of ozone, in order to improve the oxygen saturation independently from lung gathering. Ozone is a stimulation therapy, whereby the diffusion gradient and the oxygen transport within the cell will be improved.
  3. Encouragement of the immune system through stimulation of the T-lymphocytes and NK-cells. Hereby the mistletoe therapy is ideally suited as is the application of amygdaline.
  4. Orthomolecular medicaments substituting mineral nutrients, trace elements and vitamins in a well-balanced form are very helpful in assisting the metabolism.
  5. Immune-modulation through thymus peptides and stem cells as an immediate modulation. The indirect modulation with mistletoe and other herbal cytokines can be added to this concept as well.

Further detailed information will be provided during your personal counseling interview.