Each therapy approach is individually tailored according to your specific needs. The afore mentioned Blood-Crystal-Analysis is the basis of your therapy plan, which will be discussed with you in detail, accompanied by the anamnesis and the clinical, enzymatic blood test. In the wake of this approach you will comprehend the recommended and applied therapeutical method.

Generally the therapy plan can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Elimination and rejection of possible toxins
  2. Supporting therapies
  3. Revitalization

Our vitality depends upon the possibility as to how our organism can repair organic defects. In order to achieve and maintain this capability, we strongly recommend the implementation of organ medicine (cell therapy). Only a select number of medical practices in Germany offer this opportunity.

“We strive to fill your years with life, as opposed to purely adding years to life.”

Some of our employed treatments are described in detail on the subsequent pages.