Chelate therapy

Heavy metal rejection

The chelate therapy helps to intercept aggressive substances (free radicals) and redirects these to the excretory organs (i.e. kidneys), so that no further harm can be done to the body. The so called chelating agents, such as EDTA will be administered in form of infusions.

The aggressive substances called “free radicals” originate from an imbalanced lifestyle: Civilization food (which is poor in vitamins and rich in hard to process substances), smoking, stress, sugary food and drinks, medicines, environmental pollutants, food additives and preservative agents.

The chelate therapy is being applied since the Forties in cases of a severe intoxication through heavy metals. The appliance of chelating agents is the most important therapy form after removing the main causes of the intoxication (termination of exposure). Heavy metals (i.e. lead, mercury etc.) are stored in the body and, in case of a lead poisoning, settle within the body tissue and bone structure.

Despite removing the source of the intoxication, the organism will yet have to deal with the strain of gradually discharging, stored heavy metals.