New energy for every cell through altitude training

Interval hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy (IHHT) is a special cell training that originally comes from top-class sports. The short-term oxygen undersupply (hypoxia) with the subsequent oxygen surplus (hyperoxia) leads to a training effect of the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of the cells. The therapy was primarily used to increase general endurance and to safely acclimate the metabolism to oxygen levels at high altitudes. Since then, IHHT systems have been continuously developed, improved and refined. Today, however, this therapy is not used solely for physical performance enhancement.

The mechanism

The higher you go up in the atmosphere, the lower the hydrostatic pressure becomes, which means that our lungs can absorb less oxygen than at sea level. IHHT simulates the altitude of the mountains under normal pressure conditions by lowering the available oxygen content in a breathing mask, which sets in motion a number of different adaptation processes in the body. Through these mechanisms inside and outside the cells, the therapy has a positive effect on many ailments.

The treatment

IHHT usually takes place in a relaxed situation while lying down. The application is perceived as pleasant. During the treatment many of our patients relax and recover from their everyday life, even falling asleep for a short time. To get a longer-term effect, an interval of 8-10 sessions is recommended.

We bring the mountains to you.