Ozone therapy

Immune system

Medical ozone (a 3-valued oxide) has a highly pronounced bacterial-, fungicidal and virus inactivating effect and is therefore not only applied to disinfect wounds, but also to counter bacterial and viral illnesses. This blood-flow enhancing property is applied for circulatory disorders and for revitalization. Marginally applied concentration doses encourage the body’s defense apparatus; this means the immune system is activated. Stimulated by the medical ozone, immune cells produce special messenger substances called cytokine (i.e. interferon or interleukin), which will inform other immune cells and thereby trigger a whole cascade of immune responses. Therefore, the application of medical ozone regarding immune activation in case of a damaged immune status or general immune deficiency is highly recommended. Marginal ozone quantities – applied in form of a “general autologous blood therapy” (as an extracorporeal treatment) – activate the body’s defense antioxidants and radical interceptors.

Has proven itself at:

  • Chronic inflammations
  • Circulatory disorder
  • Viral induce illnesses such as hepatitis, herpes
  • Treatment of infected, barely healing wounds and inflammatory processes, such as ulcerated legs (Ulcus cruris), inflammable gastric disease (Colitis, proctitis), burns and infected injuries, fungal infections etc.
  • Cancer