Our soul – The gate to health

Our medical practice consequently pursues a holistic approach with regards to our therapeutical treatments. It speaks for itself that we therefore not only refer to the naturopathic and pharmacologic treatment of the patient.

As we know today, the root of nearly every illness, especially the ones with chronic characteristics, lies within the intrapsychic experiences of an individual as well as the impact of his/her social environment. We explicitly like to point out that this is, contrary to the commonly accepted psychosomatic teachings, not a question of causation, but of coincidences. Therefore the following applies: An optimal healing process is generally impossible without “understanding” the true nature of an illness.

Hence we offer our patients three forms of psychotherapy:

  1. Individual psychological consultation in hourly sessions. According to specific requirements we furthermore offer partner counselling within this context.
  2. Provided that we notice a dysfunction in the field of interpersonal communication, we recommend a group therapy over the course of several weekends. These sessions will be conducted in groups with max. 8 patients by two trained therapists.
  3. Should any kind of mental disorder ground on an individual’s personal history, we strongly advise our patients to conduct a so-called “visualization therapy”.