Stimulation through the sole of foot

Let’s check your feet: this special massage technique affects the reflex zones of the human body. It was developed by the graduated masseuse Eunice D. Ingham nearly fifty years ago. She drew up the following thesis: each organ region of the human body is represented by a “contact area” at the sole of our feet, with the exception of arms and legs.

These reflex zones mirror as to how the respective organ feels. If, for example, the liver is debilitated or acutely ill, the respective reflex zone will hurt if massaged by the therapist. Even very slight pressure of the finger or thumb may hurt severely – even if the foot is orthopedically in perfect condition.

It is our belief that an occasionally occurring stabbing pain during a massage session derives from microcrystalline metabolic waste products. These settle within the feet and scour against the pain leading nerve-endings during the application of pressure.

The massage animates the circulation of the blood and lymph streams, thereby disposing the metabolic waste products and inducing the self-regulating forces within our body. This causes a positive long-distant effect on the affected inner organs.