Dear Patient,

Naturopathy has gained considerable importance over the past few years. The limitations of modern medicine, expressed by examining the patient simply on a partial basis and purely concentrating on the symptoms, have helped to reinforce this notion. Clinical medicine has a great therapeutical success rate, if a short, intensive relief of the organism and its vital functions is the main aim (acute and emergency related medical aid). However, chronic illnesses are increasingly causing problems.

On the contrary, biological medicine considers the patient as an individual human being. It does not solely commit itself to the actual bodily condition, but additionally takes the personal constitution of the patient into consideration (bio-psycho-social- anamneses). An in-depth interaction with the patient leads to the formation of a relationship, which is mainly based on trust. The path to this connection is openness and an honest definition of the expectations carried by both sides.

It is important for us to point out the vast variety of proven therapeutical options (i.e. orthomolecular medicine, autohaemotherapy, ozone therapy, neural therapy, chelate therapy, etc.). Based on this vast array of treatments, we will compile your individual therapy after having applied a specific personal diagnosis called Blood-Crystal-Analysis.

All of our efforts as well as every measure taken are primarily focused on our patient’s needs.

We are committed to satisfy you as a customer in a warm and affectionate way. Furthermore, the team of our naturopathy practice is obliged to center all its thoughts and actions according the benefit of the patient.

Your team of the naturopathy practice, Stephanie Dreyer

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